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Would you like to improve your water based applications' performance?
NX 795 not only forms films, but also provides higher coating gloss, increased film integrity, reduced film porosity and less cracking.

NX 795 is an effective coalescing agent for latex formulations such as acrylic dispersions, styrene acrylics and vinyl acetate co-polymer dispersions. This ester alcohol effectively reduces the minimum film-formation temperature (MFFT), and provides further benefits in end-product properties including higher coating gloss, increased film integrity, reduced film porosity and less cracking.

Incorporation of NX 795 results in optimal paint performance even at lower drying temperatures. NX 795 also facilitates the use of hard latexes at low temperatures, broadening the range of practical application temperatures in many latex paint formulations. NX 795 does not dissolve in water, but is readily absorbed by latex particles making it an effective film-forming additive even when applying paint on porous substrates and in moist environments

Density0.947 kg/dm3
Solubility at 20 0C
- in waterinsoluble
- water in NX 795max. 0.10 wight %
Evaporation rete0.002 (BuAc=1)
Refractive index at 20 0C1.4423
Vapor pressure 293.15 K (20 0C)< 0.01 kPa
Boiling point at 101.3 kPa254 C
Freezing point- 50 C

NX 795 is an extremely effective additive for decreasing the minimum film-formation temperature of latex paints. A substantial reduction in MFFT can be achieved by adding small amounts of NX 795 to paint. In most cases a suitable addition level is 5-10%, based on latex solids. The harder the polymer, the higher the level needed; possibly up to 20% for polymer solids.

Ensuring the optimal performance of a latex paint requires just the right amount of coalescing aid. The MFFT of the latex dispersions and the efficiency of the coalescing aid to decrease the MFFT are important in determining the correct amount of NX 795 to add. One should also take into account the conditions under which the paint is applied. The MFFT for indoor applications is generally 0 0C to 5 0C, but the MFFT for outdoor applications is often considerably lower.

MFFT ingilizce (400 x 325)

NX 795 cıntributes to good hardness development in paint film at normal levels of addition. Excessive amounts of coalescent should be avoided as this will lead to retarded hardness development.

hardnesss ing (400 x 317)

Essential requirements for any high-quality paint product are pH and viscosity stability. Hydrolysis of the coalescing agent would reduce paint performance but an experiment demonstrates the stability of NX 795. NX 795 is a hydrolytically stable coalescing aid that is hardly affected by the alkaline nature of typical latex formulations. Extremely high pH values are however not recommended.

In a stable paint, the paint viscosity is expected to remain virtually constant over the time of storage. In this test, paint samples were stored at 23 0C and 50 0C. Viscosity was measured at specified intervals by a Brookfield low shear viscometer. Negligible change of the paint viscosity is a good indication of the hydrolytic resistance of NX 795 coalescing agent.

pH ingilizce (400 x 321)
viskozite ing (400 x 305)

Thanks to its properties, only very low concentrations of NX 795 are emitted during the use of paints containing NX 795 as the coalescing agent. NX 795 is not classified as VOC material in Europe  (1999/13/EC and 2004/42/CE)and not as HAP in the U.S. (Clean Air Act 1990). NX 795 is not classified as a VOC per China State Environmental Protection Agency. The high boiling point, >250 0C, and low vapor pressure, <0.01 kPa at 20 0C, indicate low volatility of the NX 795 coalescing aid.

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Partner of The Month

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perstorp (400 x 149)
  •  World leader in various sectors of the specialty chemicals market
  •  Pioneer in formalin chemistry, plastics and surface materials
  •  Perstorp was founded in 1881, over 130 years of winning formulas
  •  Controlled by PAI partners,a major European private equity company
  •  Sales of over SEK 11 billion in 2015
  •  Around 1,500 employees in 22 countries
  •  Production plants in Europe, Asia and North America
  •  Sales offices in all major markets


From being a small Swedish family business Perstorp has grown into a world leading specialty chemicals Group with about 1,500 employees and manufacturing units in Asia, Europe and North America. Annual turnover in 2015 was more than 11 billion SEK. The Perstorp Group is controlled by the French private equity fund PAI partners since 2005.


The specialty chemicals Perstorp produces are added to a wide range of products used everyday at home, work or leisure. Customers are in the coatings, plastic processing and automotive industries – as well as construction and engineering, the agricultural sector and many more. Good products are made even better by providing certain planned and desired characteristics.

Solution provider

Perstorp is a differentiated specialty chemicals company with a unique position on the market. This is possible through an offer of everything from key chemical building blocks to semi-specialty chemicals and pure specialty products that together with a solution providing approach add maximum value for Perstorp’s customers.


Perstorp believes in improving everyday life – making it safer, more convenient, more fun, and more environmentally sound for millions of people all over the world. This is achieved through innovative chemistry which maximizes performance and minimizes environmental impact at the same time. Over 80% of the Group’s R&D work is focused on developing more efficient and environmentally sound products and processes. Perstorp is systematically mapping the carbon footprints and lifecycle impact of the main products.

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