The production of high quality and durable building materials is very closely related to usage of high technology chemicals and additives . From this point of view, we provide efficient service to our construction industry customers for gypsum and cement based applications with our wide range of product for years.

We put the benefits of co-operations that we established with World’s leading esteemed companies in their fields into service by combining our high technical knowledge and logistic infastructure.

You can have access to the products (redispersible powders, hardeners, powder defoaming agents, dispersions, accelerators, starch ethers, cellulose ethers, and etc.) that we provide for building and construction industries.


Product Categories

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Construction Chemicals

We add value to gypsum and cement based applications with our high performance products.

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Construction Additives & Agents

We put products increasing applicability and performance of your products into your service with our World’ s leading business partners.