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Exclusive Agreement with the European Defoamer Specialists | 2017

Signs an exclusive agreement with PMC OUVRIE for promoting, distributing and selling of defoamers in building, mining, metalworking, detergency and polymerisation industries in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Krgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tadzhikistan.


Agrana : The Giant Step in Starch Ethers | 2017

Signs a contract with Agrana for sales of Amitrolit series of starch ether products.


Titanium dioxide for inks with Billions Europe | 2016

Signs an exclusive agreement with Billions Europe Ltd. for promoting, distributing and selling TR-52 in Turkey.


The new product group: Aliphatic Isocyanates | 2016

Signs exclusive distributor agreement with Wanhua Chemical Group for HDI monomers, HDI biures, HDI trimers, HMDI ve IPDI aliphatic isocyanates.

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The signing of new distributorship agreement | 2016

Signs exclusive agreement with Trimer for selling, distributing and promoting HEUR and HASE polyurethane thickeners in Turkey, Balkans, Caucaus, Iran, Middle Asia and Russia markets.


The new product group : TDI based aromatic isocyanates | 2016

Signs the first agreement of the new year with Umax for selling, promoting and distributing TDI based aromatic isocyanates.

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Celocell Cellulose Ethers | 2016

Takes over the right of selling, distributing and promoting “Celocell” cellulose products.


Lasting solution to binder need | 2015

Signs distributorship agreement with Kemiteks for selling styrene acrylic, pure acrylic and other products.

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The extention of product range with polyester resins | 2015

Signs exclusive distributor agreement with KHUA for selling, promoting and distributing hybrid, TGIC, primid ve polyurethane based polyester resins in Turkey, Russia and CIS countries.


Happy "Silver Anniversary" | 2015

Gunkem looks back its 25-year-successful history and feel right proud of providing the best solutions!

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The New Headquarter | 2013

Moves to new office building in Istanbul/Atasehir with continously developing team.


Here for the best! | 2012

The promotional activity, “Here for the best”, of Gunkem meets customers, suppliers and industry represantatives in Turkey and in the whole World.

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Newness in Redispersible Powder Polymers | 2011

Signs exclusive agreement with Hexion (former Momentive) for selling, promoting and distributing redispersible latex powders and additves for construction industry.


Extension of product range | 2010

Sings agreement with Perstorp for selling, promoting and distributing isocyanates and speciality products.

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lanxess (250 x 160)

The newness in biocides | 2010

For selling of biocides, the agreement is signed between Lanxess and Gunkem.


The signing of new distributorship agreement | 2010

Signs exclusive agreement with Henan Billions for selling, promoting and distributing Titanium Dioxide products.

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indir (225 x 117)

The new distributorship agreement | 2010

Signs contract with BASF for selling of dispersion products in Turkey and Middle Asia.


The new partnership | 2008

Owns the exclusive rights of selling Yillong Chemical Group’s products in Blanc Fixe, Optisil and Bentogel.

yillong (250 x 167)

The sales of Silicon products | 2008

Signs contract with Graf for sales of silicone products.


Continuosly growth in CIS countries | 2008

Opens a warehouse in Uzbekistan/Tashkent to create more effective solutions in the region.

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The merger of Gunkem and Simya | 2008

Gathers under a single roof all subsidiaries in Turkey. Gunkem and Simya moves to new office and warehouse facilities in Istanbul/Tuzla.


The new agreement | 2007

Signs agreement with Gemme for sales of products in Turkey, Europe and CIS countries.

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Increasing in market share | 2006

“Paint and Construction Departments” continue to grow in Middle Asia and a sales team is established in Azerbaijan.


The new products, the new industries | 2006

Starts to sell Rhodia’ s powder polymers.

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The signing of new exclusive agreement | 2005

Signs exclusive agreement with Lomon for selling, promoting and distributing of titanium dioxide products.


Continously growth in CIS countries | 2004

Takes decision to ramp up activities in CIS countries. Accordingly establishes office and warehouse in Kazakhstan/Almaty to find more efficient and faster solutions.

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Headquarter moves | 2003

Moves to new facilities in Istanbul/Kozyatagi.


Moving of warehouses | 2000

Warehouse facilities move to new campus in Istanbul/Dudullu DES Sanayi Sitesi.

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The signing of new agreements with new suppliers | 1999

IQE and Monomeros enters Turkey market with Gunkem.


The addition of biocides to range of product and new agreements | 1997

Signs agency agreement with Pogiven for sales of biocides. The growth of product range continues with new agreements with Ineos, Drew and ADM.

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The continuation of growth of product range | 1994

Signs distributorship agreements with World’s leading companies like Hercules and Servo.


The extension of product range with titanium dioxide | 1992

Adds Sachtleben’s titanium dioxide products to product range.

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logo (216 x 29)

Founding of Gunkem | 1990

Gunkem is founded by Yildiz family and starts to sell paint chemicals and raw materials to customers in Turkey.