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Would you like to improve your cement and gypsum based application's performance?
Challenge to old habits with Celocell® 150M. For a longer open time, high slip resistance and more...

Celocell® 150M

HPMC for Cement and Gypsum Based Applications

Celocell® 150M is hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose which is used in gypsum and cement based applications. While it thickens viscosity, it improves slip resistance and strength with ease of workability.

Celocell® 150M can be used in many applications both cement or gypsum based with contentment. It contributes all of required properties improvement.

  • Celocell® 150M is elaborately modified HPMC.
  • Ensures longer open time.
  • Provides outstanding workability.
  • Ensures excellent slip resistance.
  • Offers superior adhesion to many substrates.
  • Increases strength of product.
Appearancewhite, off white, fibre or granular powder form
Methoxy content (%)19.0-24.0
Hydroxy propyl content (%)4.0-12.0
Moisture content (%, max.)5.0
Ash content (%, max.)1.5
Viscosity (%2, 20 0C, Brookfield, mPa.s)45.000-60.000

You get longer open time results with Celocell® 150M in your applications. You can find an example of open time tests of tile adhesive application with Celocell® 150M and 3 different most used types of cellulose in the market.


Improve slip resistance of your application with Celocell® 150M. Celocell® 150M shows its difference with its the lowest slip length in slip resistance tests with the most used 3 types of cellulose. You can find a graph beside which shows the comparison.


Partner of the month

  • Global
  • Always, everywhere
  • Solution provider
  • Sustainable
  • Established in 1997, 20 years experience in winning formulations
  • Deep knowledge and experience in paint,plastic and construction chemicals and raw materials
  • Representations in all around the world including South America, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
  • Production and research facilities in China Mainland.


Yillong Chemical Group was established in 1997 by a group of investors from Hong Kong. The company started its investments in China Mainland by 2000. Yillong Chemical Group deserved its rightful place in the industry with its cellulose ether production facilities with 10.000 mt/year HPMC, 5.000 mt/year HEC and 5.000 mt/year MHEC production capacities.

Always, everywhere

The chemicals and raw materials Yillong produces are added to a wide range of products used everyday at home, work or leisure. The products are used in mostly plastic, construction and coating industries.

Solution provider

Yillong is a differentiated chemicals and raw materials company with a unique position in the market. Yillong is your trustable partner that you can find chemicals and raw materials that add maximum value for Yillong’s customers.


Yillong Chemical Group believes in improving everyday life – making it safer, more convenient, more fun, and more environmentally sound for millions of people all over the world. This is achieved through innovative ways which maximizes performance and minimizes environmental impact at the same time. Most of the Group’s R&D work is focused on developing more efficient and environmentally sound products and processes.

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