We feel right proud of supplying all required chemicals and raw materials that we serve paint, varnish and ink manufacturers for more than 26 years.

We put World’s leading reliable suppliers offerings at the disposal of  our esteemed customers by combining with high technical knowledge and strong logistical functions.

You can have access to product lists (pigments, fillers, resins, hardeners, defoamers, wetting agents, and etc.) related to paint, varnish and ink industries.


Product Categories

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Decorative Coatings

We put at the disposal of you resins, pigments, fillers, agents, additives and a great deal of products where they are required for your decorative formulas.

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Industrial Coatings

We enrich your industrial applications with high performance offering products.

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Powder Coatings

We are here for powder coating manufacturers who offers powder paint to automotive, white goods, electronics and more with wide range of products.

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We are at your service with environmental friendly and superior products that ensures high performance to applications.

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Agents & Additives

We offer all additives and agents that are required for paints, varnishes and inks with limitless technical support.