Day by day our natural resources are running out of and it is getting harder to find the right product, the right supplier and the convenient circumstances. In addition to all these, our responsibility to nature is getting bigger and beside sustainable economical and personal developments, we need to improve our environmental consciousness and harmony.

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  • Energy Saving
  • Transportation
  • Water Saving
  • Recycling

We contribute for more liveable environment with the solutions below we apply at Gunkem.

Transportation; We prefer using cars that have state of the art technology and green engines at Gunkem. Thus we reduce CO2 emissions.

Productivity in Energy Saving; We set to zero energy consumption where and when there is not any study by using motion-sensitive and automatic heating systems. Thus we consume less natural resources and emission less greenhouse gas.

Recycling; We ensure collecting of all paper, glass, metal and battery materials in different recycle collecting boxes with the parole of “Seperating Wastes Timely”. Thus we contribute to our economy and environment.

Decrease in water consumption;  Consuming less and efficiently clean water is a top priority case for us. We keep losses at the lowest level that are originated from mechanical and personal mistakes jointly montage of smart systems to office areas and warehouse.

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