Gunkem, as being the largest and the most active chemicals and raw materials supplier especially in Turkey, Russia and CIS countries, provides service in more than 40 countries, more than 1500 customers with its wide product range and strong financial structure.

We have continued to be bridge between our suppliers and customers since 1990 with the bonds we have established with World’ s leading companies who are ranked foremost among its competitors.


We value and respect our team members at Gunkem. We set extensive goals for contributing their personal growth, celebrate together as a result of reaching success. We start training programs periodically and take support of our technical department as well as business partners to support our team members’ technical background and developments. Therefore, Gunkem is always known as “School” of the industry.

We are always open to all dynamic, enterpreneur and innovator team members who are ready to join us. Even if there is not any open position for now, be sure that you send us your CVs.

Even if not today, maybe tomorrow it’s yours!