Cobalt Oct is the strong oxidant and most active drier available. It improves the surface drying and used in conjuction with auxiliary driers in oxidatively air-drying Coatings. It is used in combination with lead or zirconium (together with calcium) and improves the surface drying.


Manganese series are primary oxidative driers which promote both surface and through drying. Manganese carboxylates can be used as an alternative to Cobalt driers, but are recognised as having a lower catalytic activity which affects the drying times especially at lower temperatures. This activity can be improved by complexation with suitable substences.


Lead increases the resilience, toughness and overall endurance of the film. It is also known to provide water and salt resistivity. Lead are accompanied by cobalt or manganese and most of the time calcium in order to prevent precipitation.


Calcium driers are normally used in conjuction with surface and through driers such as cobalt, manganese, zirconium, lead etc. Also, especially neutral ones, are used pigment wetting and dispersing agent and enhance hardness and gloss.


Zirconium is second most efficient cross-linking agent, which generally replaces the lead in more environmentally acceptable systems.


Zinc Octoate is used with other metal driers to facilitate through-drying and overcomes wrinkling of the film with excess cobalt. It is an excellent wetting and dispersing agent, if used in the early stages of production it improves grinding and shortens manufacturing time. Zinc Octoate 22°C is used as polyester initiator, polyurethane catalyst, oxidative drier, anti-wear agent/rust inhibitor for lubricants and as PVC heat stabilizer intermediate. Available in 8%, 10%, 12% and 18%.


CALCIUM OCTOATE %10, COBALT OCTOATE %10, ZIRCONIUM OCTOATE %18 mixed driers are pre-stabilised Cobalt based drier combinations for use in a wide range of coatings, provided in hydrocarbon solvents suited for the end users needs.